Saturday, March 28, 2009 Color Inspiration #47 Friendship Card

Another challenge accomplished today, the KWernerdesign color inspiration challenge. I'm beginning to think, actually have put lots of thought into my "think" that it's time to take a class or two on colors because this inspiration was definitely a challenge :-D Today is a play day for me; nothing urgent needing my attention (the kitchen and bathroom floors were screaming earlier, but got them to hush with soap and water :-D It's really nice having a day to call your own to simply play with card goodies, although I do miss my sweet hubby who is away in Denver this week, "Hi, Sweetie!" My success rate for having a card selected by Kristina, so far, is zero, zilch, nada, but hey, I'm not a quitter! I check out the winners and see their designs and get feel for something will work for my style. There's probably several of you who like simplicity, while there are others who want to embellish, tie ribbons, add more embellies, add another ribbon, well, you get the idea :-D
I appreciate you stopping by to take a look, and here's wishing your day is as much fun as mine!


Terri E. said...

Really fun scallop edge border. You rocked this color challenge!

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Winter said...

So pretty! Love the high heels, so fun!

Ange Kelly said...

Just Fabulous! I love the shoes!

~kelly marie~ said...

love the shoes! great card!