Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friends SFYTT 032109

Have you ever gotten into a creative slump where it seems as if nothing is working and you find yourself throwing too much paper, etc away because it doesn't look "good enough?" Somedays you feel an idea running around in your head, so you dash into the "studio" (my guest bedroom :-D and begin pulling out papers, ink, etc. and start. Actually the start is never finished because the idea wasn't working out as envisioned :-D Well, it happens, and it happens often to me; my "idea" has been dumped into the trash can :-( One of the reasons I began playing sketch challenges was to explore other ways to make a card; I found myself using the same layout time after time because it felt "comfortable." If you haven't taken the plunge, check out a couple of blogs and begin playing. Sometimes you'll find a sketch or color inspiration that is extremely user-friendly and other days you'll wonder why you even attempted to become another Sherry Cheever or Becca Feeken :-D Bottom line: I hope you're having as much fun learning new techniques, ideas, and playing challenges as I am. If you like this sketch, click on over to Jen del Muro's blog for more info. Enjoy a happy week, and thanks so much for stopping by to "smell the flowers." Gigi


Sherry Cheever said...

Gigi you are so sweet! Let me tell you darlin, I throw just as much into my trash can as you do. But you also have to think, that it's only paper and ink . . . no big deal! If you idea isn't working one day, it may the next!

Jen del Muro said...

Gigi-wonderful card! Thanks so much for playing along! Hugs-Jd