Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rain or Shine from MFT

Guess who's worked almost everyday at the office for the past two weeks? Yep, you got it right, me! Lindy delivered her beautiful baby girl on July 27, so I'm covering for her until she returns. This means that I come home in the evenings too tired to do much more than cook and turn in by 8 PM...haha! On weekends, Efraim and I do our household chores and when they're done, we try to find a fun place to visit. Yesterday we watched our first polo match in Warrenton, VA. If you like beautiful horses, some interesting mallet striking, and delicious picnic food, you should try seeing one at least once. The weather was perfect for a summer night in Northern Virginia; there wasn't any humidity and enough cool wind to keep the temperature perfect. I've neglected my "studio" lately, but did manage to use a stamp set that was purchased at the American Scrapbook Convention in June in the MFT booth. I had seen the images on various blogs and think they are so cute especially since I have "granddaughter," a darling little Dachsund living in Texas. So without more ado about nothing, here are the pics. Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by, Gigi


TinaStina said...

Hi Gigi!

What a wonderful stamp, so cute! And I love how you've put the umbrella "on top" of the stamped paper. And, as usual, the colour-combination is perfect Gigi!

Have a wonderful Monday and don't work to hard... you have to have some strength left for cardmaking :)


Monica said...

Hi Gigi! I hope you've had a great summer! Mine is just getting started since I just got to my 2 weeks vacation from work. And the school will begin again. But the weather here is windy and rainy. So your cards describe Gothenburg, Sweden right now... Hihihihi
(Love the cards by the way) Today I will take my son to "Universeum". It´s a huge house with aquariums and a rainforrest :-) Casper loves it!
Kram kram!