Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and I want to thank family and friends who have taken time to make this day a little more special than the rest of the year. I have discovered that as I become older, the priorities change. One reason is that "children" are grown and on their own and that leaves plenty of time to do whatever pleases me, which is being with my wonderful, kind, and thoughtful husband, or doing fun things with friends.

My husband, Efraim, asked what I wanted to do today, but we've been celebrating for a few days and plan to do more tomorrow, so I thought we should simply relax at home until dinner time. We took a day trip to a small quaint town, Middleburg, on Thursday to enjoy a delicious lunch at a historical site called The Red Fox Inn. Middleburg is in horse country, so you can imagine the gorgeous homes and horses we saw during the drive into Main St, Middleburg. We browsed through shops and found a beautiful pendant Efraim bought as a birthday gift; I'll post a picture later. Another gift of time was driving to a scrapbook store that wasn't too far from Middleburg; I browsed, drooled, and purchased some papers while Efraim sat patiently looking at maps (he LOVES maps :-) When I got home from work yesterday, after putting in 10 hours, there were more gifts from Efraim: a delicious ice cream cake (he remembered how much I enjoy eating ice cream cakes from birthdays past :-), he saved me time in the kitchen buying a yummy pizza from a favorite restaurant nearby, there was a HUGE bouquet of flowers sitting in a vase, the cutest birthday helium balloon with "Elmo" hanging on :-) The birthday card is precious, too; my husband has a wonderful way of describing his feeling with words. I thank God for bringing Efraim, family, and wonderful friends into my life to love, enjoy, and praise!

I'm going to enjoy the day watching golf on television and playing in the "studio." Some new stamps arrived the other day and I can't wait to ink them up!

Hope you enjoy the day, too,


TinaStina said...

Happy Birthday Gigi!

I had no idea your birthday was coming up so this greeting comes one day too late :)

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and got a lot of lovely gifts. Your husband seems to be a very nice and careing man, you are a lucky woman!

Have a nice Sunday and I'm eager to see what you will do next in the card- and stampworld!

Many many birthdaykramar from me!

Monica said...

Ohh! I´m gessing i´m to late now. But happy birthday to you Gigi!! :-) I hope you´ve had a lovely day and a lovely cake as well :-)
Big hugs!!