Thursday, October 1, 2009

Acrylic Paint and Dry Embossing Halloween Card

One of the previous issues of Paper Crafts showed a technique using acrylic paint on cardstock; brush the paint going in one direction and turn the paper to paint in another one. I added another technique to the painted cardstock by embossing it with a CB pumpkin ef and used it as the card base. This technique probably isn't new to many, but I thought of the idea since it is autumn (the pumpkins work out well) and since Halloween isn't too far off, the little Crafty Secrets witch is perfect as the main image for the base. The small pin used for the ribbon actually came from a price tag, so keep your eyes open for these types of embellishments; they work out beautifully. Tip: Before you begin to emboss the cardstock, make sure it is completely dry.

Thanks for stopping by today; hope you got inspired to try acrylic paint on some cardstock!


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