Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mod Podge Trinket Box

During my excursion to the Great American Scrapbook Convention, over the weekend, there was inspiration to try an old technique I used when my daughter, Ronay, was around 3 years old. I remember making all kinds of things using the decoupage technique on wood. Do you remember doing the "fire trick?" You simply burned the edges of paper before applying the paste; it was fun living dangerously in my younger years...haha! So back to the inspiration: one of the demonstrators used napkins to decorate a piece of material that eventually looked as if it was painted oil cloth. Since I didn't think it would get used here at home, I decided to buy pretty napkins and see what would happen with some Mod Podge sitting on the shelf. There was a little box, purchased for almost nothing, asking to get decorated, that was used as my first project. I used to napkins and two coats of Mod Podge for the trinket box. Some velvet ribbon was wrapped around the lid and a few half pearls were added for some bling...have to have that bling bling. I {heart} bling!

The flowers on top of the lid were cut with a new die purchased at the convention at the Spellbinders booth using napkin and cs. Pop dots were added for dimension, here and there between the flowers.

Hope you're inspired to try an old technique that you haven't done in a long time using new a new idea.

Thanks so much for taking a look today!


Monica said...

Hi Gigi! Lovely box you've made. It´s always nice to be reminded of old techniques. It´s strange how fast the mind keeps forgetting... :-)
Hope you're doing fine! In Sweden we have real summer now. It´s almost to hot.
Kram kram!

Susan said...

Hi there Gigi, I'm so glad you enjoyed the napkin collage demonstration! It's nice to know that you've helped to inspire someone to try something new...or new again. I prefer PPA over Mod Podge because of the 'not sticky' quality of PPA, the UV protection napkins need, and the water resistance it provides. I LOVE your box! So very nicely done. Sue - aka Susan Pickering Rothamel, president USArtQuest.com