Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Having a Moxie Fab World Tuesday!

Are you having a Moxie Fab World day, too? There's another wonderful blog called "Moxie Fab World" that has terrific trendy information and is written by the creative editor, Cath Edvalson, from "Paper Crafts" magazine, which I subscribe :-D She is always giving away fabulous products to her blog readers and recently I won a Swing into Spring paper collection, two pictures are uploaded for you to see, from Bella Blvd! I can't wait to get my hands on these gorgeous looking papers to use for Easter :-D
Read Cath's blog quote to get an idea of what paper crafters are thinking of Bella Blvd:
"I've got a real treat for you today's Moxie Monday. Because I'm telling you what but it's hard to make a Big Splash in this amazing industry that we all love so much. But that's exactly what Bella Blvd did at CHA Winter. Everyone was a-buzzin' about this new company. Since it wasn't on my side of the building to cover, it was definitely on the list of must-sees on our last day of the show. We call the last day of the show "Sweeps" in which we take each other to the booths we feel that everyone on the team MUST see. Bella Blvd was at the top of the list."
Have a wonderful Moxie Fab Day and we'll visit later!


chica21b said...

Hi Gigi! I came across your blog from the CPS site from your posting of your card. Anyway I was so excited cause we have the same last name! lol So I had to come check your blog out. You have some amazing work!! I've put you in my favorites so I'll be back to check often.

mita said...

Congratulations! read jealous...
Laughter.. Hugs
Finally today our crownprinceess got engaged. I made a wedingcard that I really like.